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Metal Roofing
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Everlast Metal Roofing

/// A Symbol of Quality & Innovation

 AZM™ with Activate Technology                                                The Next Generation of Metal Roofing™, AZM™ with Activate Technology. Created through BlueScope Steel Inc., this product is a highly corrosion-resistant coated steel known as Zincalume® with Activate Technology.

Synergy® Colorbond                                                                    Synergy® is a proprietary paint system which provides superior protection and resistance against weather and UV exposure. Through 50 years of laboratory testing and real-world application, Synergy® outperforms all other pre-painted steel products. Exclusively available in the U.S.A., Synergy® comes in 18 long lasting colors.

EVERCURE™  Heat Formed Panels                                               One of the greatest assets of Everlast, and what sets us apart is the Evercure Process. This process includes the revolutionary CECI™ enhancement that not only seals the metal’s cut edge, but also protects it from both natural and commercial corrosive elements. Everlast’s panels are stronger, more durable and less likely to crack over time. The Evercure Process is state-of-the-art and we are confident it will continue to set the standard for quality metal building components.

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