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Hardwood Flooring


Classic Tongue & Groove

Custom Flooring is center matched to allow the customer to choose the best face.  Tongue and groove allows quick installation and sound jointing.

Tongue & Groove Centermatch

Standard Flooring Sizes

1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10, and 1x12

1"Flooring is offered in Eastern White Pine and can be milled from a selection of hardwoods (finished surface thickness is 3/4")

Loft Flooring

2" Centermatch or 'V' plank flooring is Specialty milled from Kiln Dried Eastern White Pine.  This product does not require a subfloor and is great for low traffic areas.  It is defected for both the faces ( flat face is flooring surface) the opposing face is the exposed ceiling below and can be machined for flat edge or v bevel (finished surface thickness is 1-5/8") It is offered in two sizes:

2x6, 2x8 

This product is also great for stall planking!  Remember to request custom thickness of 1-1/2" for holders and the finished reveal desired (flat or v face). 

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